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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Stem Cell Core  
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Mission Statement
Located within the Department of Developmental Biology and initiated with support from the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor, NHLBI P30 funding, and the University of Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), the Stem Cell Core is committed to support human iPS cell research at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond. By facilitating the derivation and distribution of human iPS cell lines, the Stem Cell Core will accelerate stem cell research and provide unique opportunities for human disease modeling. The work scope of the Stem Cell Core Facility will include the following:
  • Derivation and distribution of human iPS cells.
  • Develop cutting edge stem cell technologies and establish new iPS and stem differentiation protocols for human disease modeling.
  • Provide seminars, workshops, and hands on training on stem cell research.
  • Provide consultation on stem cell research protocol design and grant preparation planning.
  • Hub of regulatory and technical information relating to human stem cell research.
  • Validate stem cell reagents and negotiate reduced reagent pricing for Pitt research community.
  • Work with CTSI to guide the clinical research community on stem cell core services, training opportunities, emerging technologies and pilot funding.
Breaking News
The Stem Cell Core is pleased to announce the addition of iPS Derivation Training. Click here for more information.

The Stem Cell core has successfully derived human iPS cells from patient peripheral blood using Life Technologies integration free Sendai virus Cytotune Kit.

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Alkaline Phosphatase
Click here for full cell line report.